The University of Florida is among the nation's most academically diverse public universities, and is a member of the Association of American Universities. With 16 colleges and over 100 academic centers, bureaus, and institutes, UF has a long history of established programs in international education, research, and service. These diverse resources have been directed to scholarly research and teaching in the St. Augustine community for many decades in many fields. From archaeological exploration to authoritative historical accounts, University of Florida faculty have contributed to the world's understanding of St. Augustine as the longest continuously occupied European settlement in North America. Today’s scholars are also engaged in St. Augustine to improve our understanding of climate change, civil rights, tourism, and a host of issues.

Efforts are underway to establish a multi-disciplinary St. Augustine academic institute bringing together diverse faculty from the University of Florida, Flagler College, and other higher education institutions to collaborate on education and research programming in St. Augustine. For more information, contact Linda Dixon.

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